Women Working WOnders Fund

Bringing Women Together to Shape the Future


Our Vision

Founded and funded by women, the Women Working Wonders Fund allows women to take advantage of their unique motivation to impact their community. Through the power of collective philanthropy, the Women Working Wonders Fund will specifically serve to:

  • Assist Women in Transition
    Forty years of research shows that social investments in women reduce poverty, raise productivity and accelerate economic growth. This Fund will encourage women to build on their strengths and increase self-worth. In addition, a higher level of self-esteem will be passed along to future generations.

  • Provide Leadership Development
    The Women Working Wonders Fund will support organizations and activities that contribute to leadership development in girls and women.

  • Contribute to the Beautification of the Environment
    The Women Working Wonders Fund will support environmental beautification projects that provide a platform for women to showcase their commitment to maintaining the distinct character of their community.


The Women Working Wonders Fund is a component fund of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation.

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100 Merrimack Street, Suite 202
Lowell, MA 01852

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Women Working Wonders just made 15 years of history! 


Watch our inspiring 15th Anniversary video: Women Working Wonders Celebrates 15 Years of History !

Well behaved women seldom make history.”

-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Lowell, MA – More than 120 guests gathered at Vesper Country Club in Tyngsboro on April 30, 2019, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Women Working Wonders (WWW) Fund and applaud past successes, present good fortune, and the future of women in philanthropy.

The WWW Crystal Campaign event raised $246,015 to surpass an endowment campaign goal of $1 million to ensure the future success of WWW and provide the means by which women can engage actively and meaningfully in the community.

“What a wonderful and exciting evening! Lowell has had a history of generous, progressive thinking women, and this group is continuing that legacy,” noted Terry O’Connor, one of WWW’s founders and WWW Crystal Campaign event co-chair. “A dream has come true! Be proud of your power,” said Brenda Costello, another of WWW’s founders.

What began in 2004 as a small group of women coming together to found a collective giving organization focused on women’s issues now has made 36 grants of $5000 to organizations supporting women and girls in the Greater Lowell area, creating positive change in countless lives!

“I think back to 2004 when the leadership group of thirteen women gathered to figure out how to launch this idea,” said Linda Chemaly, one of WWW’s founders and WWW Crystal Campaign event co-chair. “Now with over a million dollars in our endowment, I look around this room and see all the young faces and feel this amazing energy and I think job well done! Thank you!”

A fund within the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, the Women Working Wonders Fund supports programs that empower women and girls to effect positive change in the community. The Crystal Campaign event held on April 30th was in addition to WWW’s signature “Power of the Purse” event held annually in October.

“On behalf of our trustees, we are grateful to all of the women who have the courage to make waves in order to help women and girls in our community thrive,” said Bopha Malone, WWW board president. “We are also appreciative of the opportunities to learn from our founding mothers, and look forward to developing future women leaders as well as continuing to support organizations that empower women and girls to reach their full potential.”


Women Working Wonders Crystal Campaign Sponsors


Crystal Challenger ($50,000)

Nancy L. Donahue

Diamond ($20,000)

Carrie Meikle

Clear Quartz ($15,000)

The Chemaly Family

Dr. Shamim Dahod

Carol S. Duncan

Terry and Jack O'Connor

Rose Quartz ($5,000)

Brenda Costello

Demoulas Foundation

Enterprise Bank

Deborah Lemos

Susan West Levine

Meghan Mahoney and Christopher Finneral

Nicola Tsongas


Cintrine Quartz ($1,000)

Jeanne and Bob Union

Nina Anton

Mary Beth Burwood

Chelmsford Pediatrics

Citrin Cooperman

Janet Cramb

Lauren Farrow

The Gilchrist Family

Carolyn Gregoire

Jennifer Hanson

Christine Hart

Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

Claire Kovacs 

Lianna Kushi

Bopha Malone

Susan Anton Pasanen

Ginger Pearson

Kathleen Sullivan

Jody and Pam White 


the Power of the Purse …plus!

In October of each year, the WWW Fund hosts our signature “Power of the Purse Plus” event, featuring live and silent auctions, designer cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, a buffet dinner, and — of course — everyone’s favorite accessory: purses! The "Plus" in this year's event was the opportunity to bid on fabulous high-end accessories, including sunglasses, jewelry, and more. It was, as always, the “don’t miss” event of the season!

Power of the Purse Plus raises funds for grants to empower women and girls. This year the WWW Fund is pleased to offer five $5,000 grants to area nonprofits to fund programs that assist women in transition, provide leadership development in girls, and contribute to the beautification of the environment. WWWF has distributed 41 grants since our inception in 2004, creating positive change in countless lives!

Over the past fifteen years, the Women Working Wonders Fund has benefited from collaborative partnerships with the Hunt Alternatives Fund, Bloomingdale’s, and Lowell Sun Charities to present events that have raised funds and awareness of our mission and the incredible work of women in philanthropy and community service.

Power of the Purse 2019
October 24, 2019

Due to overwhelming demand, online ticket sales are now closed. Please email womenworkingwondersfund@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing tickets. Tickets for the Tory Burch Collection raffle (below) are still available!


This year's Power of the Purse Plus features an incredible raffle with an opportunity to win four amazing Tory Burch purses - one for each season! Raffle tickets are $50 and only 100 will be sold. You do not need to be present to win!

Capture the full range of Tory Burch style with this collection: a bag in each of her signature styles-retro, modern, bohemian and preppy.

Retro: $650 Tory Burch Sawyer Needlepoint Shoulder Bag, Martora

Modern: $525 Tory Burch Block T Grommet Drawstring Tote, black

Bohemian: $428 Tory Burch Beaded Shoulder Bag, navy

Preppy: $395 Tory Burch Thea patchwork crossbody

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Thank you to our fabulous 2019 sponsors!

Their generosity is working wonders!



The vision of the Women Working Wonders Fund at the Greater Lowell Community Foundation is to advance the contributions of women and girls in the community and empower them to effect positive change.

Through the power of collective philanthropy, the Women Working Wonders Fund is pleased to award grants to programs and projects that assist women in transition, provide leadership development in girls and women, and/or contribute to the beautification of the environment.

News Release: Women Working Wonders Fund Awards $25K in Grants to Support Local Women and Girls


Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell
FLY (Forever Love Yourself)

Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell
Stepping Stones Early Education

International Institute of New England
English for Empowerment Program (E-FEM)

Lowell Community Health Center
Strong Women, Strong Families

Megan House Foundation of Lowell
“Coming Home” program


Project Learn

The WISH Project

Center for Women and Work

Acre Family Childcare


The Center for Hope and Healing
Girls Empowerment Group

Mitsy Kits, Inc.
Workshop Facilities Expansion

Strongwater Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center
Change of Lead Program

Girls Going Green


Coalition for a Better Acre
Zumba Action Group

Community Teamwork, Inc. (CTI)
Secure Jobs Program

Lowell Transitional Living Center
Outreach Survival Kit and Community Resource Day

Whistler House Museum of Art
Whistler Park Beautification Program for Multi-Cultural Women & Girls



Bopha Malone, President
Susan West Levine, Vice President
Mary Beth Burwood, Treasurer
Carolyn Gregoire, Secretary

Marci Barnes
Marcia Cassidy
Brenda Costello
Lauren Farrow
Jennifer Hanson
Christine Hart
Lianna Kushi

Tarina Mansur
Carrie Meikle
Cheryl Popp
Alex Regan
Erin Rourke
Kathleen Sullivan
Jeanne Union





In 2004, Brenda Costello, inspired by a magazine article about women’s funds, collected a group of like-minded women who embarked on the creation of Women Working Wonders Fund (WWWF). In no time, 72 women had stepped forward with initial gifts of $36,000. In 2005, the Hunt Alternative Fund issued a challenge grant that was met by six Angel donors. The Hunt challenge brought an additional $120,000 to WWWF, and a sustainable endowment was created. In 2006, WWWF awarded its first grant. Today, our Trustees proudly continue our founders’ vision to empower women and girls through lasting change by:

  • Soliciting and broadening financial support among women throughout the region of all financial means and backgrounds

  • Establishing and directing a fund distribution process to include application review and fund award decisions and distribution

  • Planning and implementing fundraising projects that provide a vehicle for financial program support for women and girls.

Since our inception, WWWF has awarded 20 grants and created positive change in the lives of countless women and girls.

Women Working Wonders Fund "Angels”

The WWWF is thankful to these six women - our "Angels" - for their generous multi-year donations, comprising the cornerstone gifts of our endowment:

Linda Chemaly
Brenda Costello
Nancy Donahue
Carol Duncan
Niki Tsongas
Elaine Zouzas Thibault



The WWWF gratefully acknowledges the following women as founders for  their contributions to our endowment:

  • Audrey Ambrosino

  • Madeline Anton

  • Nina Anton

  • Joyce Antonopoulos*

  • Lorraine Bacos

  • Karla Brooks Baehr

  • Beatrice Belkakis

  • Winifred Cammack Bond *

  • Peggy Bouchard

  • Karen Carpenter

  • Linda Chemaly

  • Filitsa Chigas

  • Carmen S. Chiungos

  • Susan Cooney

  • Brenda Costello

  • Carolyn Cox

  • Patricia Crane

  • Veronika Demers

  • Maureen DiPalma

  • Jacqueline A. Doherty

  • Nancy Donahue

  • Eileen Donoghue

  • Kay Doyle, Ph.D.

  • Pauline Duke *

  • Carol Duncan

  • Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick

  • Karen Frederick

  • Maureen Gervais

  • Carol Gilchrist

  • Margaret Gilsenberg

  • Julie Ann Granger

  • Dorcas Grigg-Saito

  • Debra Grossman

  • Sheila Harrington

  • Margaret Hassett

  • Carolyn Hubers

  • Anna Jabar Omoyeni

  • Josephine Krasnecki *

  • Mary C. Laganas *

  • Toula A. Laganas*

  • Andrea Laskey

  • Mary Jo Leahey *

  • Ruth Leggat *

  • Margaret Leighton

  • Deborah Lemos

  • Linda MacLean

  • Judy Mallette

  • Dale Marcy

  • Martha Mayo

  • Carol McQuaid *

  • Anne Mulvey

  • Therese O'Connor

  • Donna O'Neill

  • Margaret Palm

  • Susan Anton Pasanen

  • Nancy Pettinelli

  • Kathleen M. Plath

  • Ginger Pearson

  • Effie Poulakos-Dragon

  • In Memory of Edith Nourse Rogers

  • Joan Ross

  • Iris Sarantos *

  • Niki Sarantos

  • Marina Sampas Schell

  • Lura Smith

  • Marie Sweeney

  • Judith Tavano

  • Niki Tsongas

  • Katherine Tyndall

  • Janice Villanucci

  • Amy B. Werner

  • Lee Wu

  • Elaine Zouzas Thibault